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About Namo Namo sangathan Trust

Namo Namo sangathan Trust is a registered organization that is helping the poor, destitute and needy people of all India countries. Our organization has been consistently helping poor, destitute and needy people. namo namo Trust is committed to the welfare of the people of the most privileged section of the society without discrimination of caste, creed or color. Its emphasis is on assisting those children and youth who are the future of tomorrow and the need for a support to help disabled people join the mainstream society. And is also discharging its responsibilities for the education, health, judiciary, infrastructure, agriculture, connectivity, sanitation, economic development and rural people.


To empower individuals, families, communities, and society with prevention and intervention skills to reduce the occurrence of healing its psychological and physical consequences.

Our Vision

Each other’s views and feelings within the organization and with people you work with our opinions, suggestions, and feelings in respectful manner self-worth of other individuals and valuing the other person’s reality.

Who We Are

Namo Namo Trust operates with the focus to support The organization works on an objective to create a state, which would stand out for its achievements in agriculture, infrastructure, industry and the most important aspect, human development.

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